The statue war continues

In Bristol, the Black Lives Matter demonstration brought down the statue of Edward Colston, a slave owner.The iconic Westminster buildings, which have housed Parliament for centuries, had been under scrutiny for a while, because they are old and need repairs. The Russians tried to hack into the Oxford and Imperial College labs we are now told. But somehow I think the Chinese vaccine may not be so well received… Ghalib may have been struck at the irony.So Boris announced, at first, that the House of Lords may be moved to York, and then said both houses may be moved.

A ban on Chinese companies can be announced but it takes longer to execute than imagined. Would they be happy to suddenly move to York… hmm, sounds like another plan may need a re-think. He took the simple view that the question of whether and how to replace the statue was for the citizens of Bristol to decide.Before things get out of hand, the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, a Black British politician, had it taken down and plans to send the bill for it to Marc Quinn. Now Covid has changed all that — and I can tell you I feel I was very lucky to have listened to political speeches in the beautiful chambers within, and wandered in those elegant corridors with their gilded and vaulted ceilings, lovely restaurants and long terraces alongside the Thames. In his ever-dramatic style, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Parliament may shift to York! This is because when the Conservatives won a lot of seats in the North of England, called Labour’s Red Wall, they promised to do more for the Northern economy. This is precisely the issue everywhere.

The statue war continues.His science advisers are beginning to go public disagreeing with him about relaxing restrictions. There is outrage in London but also in York, which thinks MPs and Peers will create unwelcome traffic and higher house prices. Rishi Sunak, now the most (if not the only) popular member of the Cabinet, was seen in a well-publicised poster serving a meal in a restaurant without a mask.The good news is that the Oxford University group’s vaccine experiment looks like it is on schedule for delivery. Now all bets are off. Russia had a specialist agency called Cozy Bear allegedly to steal British results on China Disposable Medical Face Mask manufacturer Covid vaccine but they were thwarted.Marc Quinn who has had his sculpture displayed in Trafalgar Square modelled a statue depicting one of the demonstrators Jen Reid and secretly installed it at his own expense. We have had a sharply falling curve of new infections and deaths but everyone fears a comeback if people start going back to old habits. However, this was not meant to happen till 2025.This meant that parliamentarians would need to be accommodated elsewhere. Six months ago, trade with China was welcome and Huawei was a star company for UK in the 5G era. It may all take six months more but if we can get a vaccine that can tame Covid, it will be a money maker as well as a great saviour.Large and empty buildings are rare in London, but plans are being drawn up.Another choice is to find suitable buildings in the neighbourhood like the QE 2 Conference centre to accommodate members while the Palace is being repaired. Even so, the backbench Tories are unhappy the government cannot unwind the old agreement for five years. The PM understands that and would have like to have run a "fun" economy, where everyone (including him) could do their own thing, even during Covid.But this was rapidly corrected and within days he was there shopping with a mask on.. Everything within was polite, discreet and well-run.

It was a high point for everyone who visited London — to come to the "mother" of all parliaments. However, there will be problems as Westminster has not only parliamentarians — but also large numbers of workers, at all levels. But the atmosphere is definitely going back to the days of the cold war and the original setting for Ian Fleming’s 007.But now things may change drastically.The Cabinet is divided and advice changes depending on who is speaking — Boris or Matt Hancock or Michael Gove. We all loved the pomp and ceremony, especially within the House of Lords.There are parallel efforts going on in America with a promising vaccine called Moderna. Michael Gove changed from no mask to mask in a single day. The same "friend" who allegedly poisons you, also offers the cure…The big news of the week has to be the quarrel with China.The more liberal countries have an issue with "masking up" because they hate any kind of restrictions.

Cosmetic engineer and founder

Cosmetic engineer and founder of skin care brand, Dolly Kumar, insists that facemasks that are made of superfood actives like seaweed, pistachio, dragon fruit, China medical devices companies Factory coffee, chocolate and juicy fresh fruits like blueberry, lime, etc. Otherwise, it can dry out your skin. If you are going to a party or planning to attend a function, but you don’t have time to follow rigorous regime or go to a salon for a quick fix, try out some simple face masks that you can simply make and apply at home. One of the major skin concerns that people face these days is open pores. When topically applied to the skin, a velvety yogurt face mask will help moisturise, fight acne, prevent premature aging, relieve sunburn, and reduce discolouration.

Especially in cities where the pollution levels are high, using them becomes incumbent.Mind the dos and don’tsProducts placed on our skin have direct entry to the bloodstream, whereas the food we ingest is first metabolised by the liver. For the best effect of a  mask on your skin, Simrita Singh, a beauty expert, and co-founder of an organic skincare brand, doles out these rules and recommends, "Masks can deeply cleanse pores and reduce their size, with some masks serving double duty as exfoliants."Although most experts strongly believe in the power of Fuller’s earth for most skin problems, a lot of newage beauticians also push probiotics like yogurt as an all-around beauty multi-tasker. Always remember to wash clay masks off your face after five to 10 mins.."Effective  for different skin typesThe formula to make effective use of the product is to use it as, when and how it is required. Additionally, body brushing, cleansing with a facial mitt or buff, using deeply cleansing masks, and using natural cleansing grains, can all help exfoliate dead surface cells and maintain efficient skin cell turnover," advices Singh. Whatever we put on our skin gets absorbed quickly, so choosing natural and organic products is essential. Clay is good for all skin types for a good reason – whether oily, sensitive, normal or combination skin, it helps draw out the impurities and absorb excess oils that are on the surface of the skin.She informs, "So we already know that there are various types facemasks – like clay based facemasks which has ingredients like Fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti) and kaolin clay (an exotic Amazonian clay), and there are peel-offs like fruit peel-offs and charcoal peel-off, and thanks to the Korean innovations we now know about sleeping masks and what not.Natural resources over harsh chemicalsA face mask or face pack comes handy in removing the impurities of your skin by absorbing the excess oils and treating your skin. Do not fall into the trap of using chemicals as the effect of those is only ephemeral. When you are choosing a clay-based face mask, always pick the one with a mousse texture, because it won’t crack on your skin when it is dried out.""Remember no talking or smiling with masks on, just breathe and relax. Beauty expert Supriya Malik, founder of a beauty oil brand, swears by organic masks and vouches for natural ingredients to maintain quality and safety. Also, clay masks work like a charm and are effective for back acne too.

It may vary from one skin type to another and also caters to different concerns.She says, "To plump up those skin cells and to rehydrate them, a face mask/pack can come to each one’s rescue. Always rely on nature – a key rule in skincare is to not put anything on your skin that you cannot eat. Ensure that the "food" for your skin is pure, organic, and free of toxins. It contains lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, that dissolves dead skin cells and is good for gentle exfoliation to prevent breakouts. are not only effective but also keep irritation and rashes at bay.What is it about face masks that make them a universal favourite? Honestly, it is the perfect hack to get a glowing, radiant and fresh skin without a lot of  effort.

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